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Powder compression volume packaging machine listed

Japan's Nagasaki machine manufacturing company has developed and launched a fully automatic powder packaging machine - powder compression volume packaging machine, which has attracted the attention of the packaging industry. The machine is composed of an inner tube device and an outer tube device. The inner tube is composed of a metal filter and a porous metal plate. When the screw device is conveying the processed powder, the air in the powder is pumped out in the vacuum air, and the remaining air between the powder particles continues to be degassed by the special filter in the inner pipe, without any powder particles leaking out. With the newly developed vacuum pumping device and the effect of spiral compression, the bulk density of the powder is increased and the powder package is reduced. The packaging machine adopts a special filter, which combines vacuum degassing, spiral compression, automatic measurement and packaging into one process. It has the advantages of labor saving, less dust, improving the operating environment and so on, which can avoid the sliding of the test piece in the process of the experiment; It is applicable to the processing and packaging of flour and other powder substances

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