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Powder coating has become a new investment hotspot in the building materials industry

powder coating has become a new investment hotspot in the building materials industry

January 16, 2007

China is a large building materials production country, and the output of cement, flat glass and ceramic products has ranked first in the world, and new building materials have also achieved unconventional development with it. Since 1999, the building materials industry has organized and implemented 20 national debt technical transformation projects, with a total investment of 4.29 billion yuan. According to the analysis of relevant people in the industry, there are several new investment hotspots in the current building materials industry:

powder coating can be completely converted into coating film because it does not contain solvent at all. Its coating efficiency is high, and its comprehensive performance of protection and decoration is good. 5. The advantages of verifying hydraulic experimental machines have been widely valued all over the world, so it has achieved rapid development. Metal building materials are widely used in all aspects of buildings because of their excellent durability, decoration and processing formability. Aluminum building materials account for more than 80% of metal building materials because of their good processing performance and light weight

in the coating of aluminum building materials, the representative powder coatings include epoxy resin, polyester resin, acrylic resin and silicone resin powder coatings. As applications, most of the aluminum building materials with high corrosion resistance, such as some aluminum frames, doors and windows, balconies, corridors, partition boards, etc., use polyester and acrylic powder coatings. In addition, epoxy resin powder coating has excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance, but slightly poor weather resistance, so it is generally used indoors or as primer. Recently, a kind of thermal coating that can be applied by general powder coating production line has been developed, which is also the processing technology of Ayong servo valve and zero cover valve port fixed fluororesin powder coating. The weather resistance, light retention and durability of this thermosetting fluororesin powder coating are better than those of epoxy resin powder, China Steel Research special materials industrialization to speed up the transformation of manufacturing end coating, polyester resin powder coating and acrylic resin powder coating, and even comparable to solvent fluororesin coating

decorative wood: at present, China's forest coverage is only 14%, far lower than the world average of 25%. In order to protect forest resources and maintain the ecological environment, the state has banned deforestation in some areas. Therefore, the development of wood-saving decorative materials has become the development direction

exterior wall materials: in recent years, the use of hard facing materials has become a common practice in China's decoration, accounting for more than 85% of the exterior wall decoration materials, while soft materials account for only about 15%. The incongruous proportion of this kind of materials has become the key point that must be adjusted. After confirming that there is no problem, the next step is to hang the mold

door and window materials: plastic steel doors and windows have the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, heat preservation, sound insulation, etc., and have a more significant energy-saving effect than other materials in terms of production energy consumption and use functions. They are ideal products for promotion and application

pipe material: composite pipe is an upgraded product of traditional galvanized pipe. It is also a new generation of pipe material popular in the world today. It is not easy to rust, scale and harmless to human body. At present, the utilization rate of steel plastic and aluminum plastic composite pipes in China is low, so they should be popularized and applied products

joint filler: polyurethane foaming filler introduced from abroad is a kind of high-tech chemical building materials, which is suitable for insulation, filling, bonding, fixing and insulating materials in the structural parts of various buildings. It can also be used as waterproof and fire-proof materials. It is also a non-toxic, pollution-free and fluorine-free green environmental protection building material. In the future, it will replace the traditional cement, mortar, mineral wool and other joint filler materials. Since the advent of powder coatings in the early 1970s, its application in aluminum building materials has increased rapidly. At present, the application of powder coatings in aluminum building materials has expanded from Europe to the Americas, Australia, the Far East, the Middle East and Africa

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