RFID in the hottest month of June is as gorgeous a

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RFID in June is as gorgeous as summer flowers

in June, China has entered the hot summer, and the world cup is filled with sleepless passion in all corners. For people in the RFID industry, this month is full of enthusiasm for brilliance

in June, our earth ushers in a month long football carnival. The ubiquitous RFID also appeared for the first time in top international sports competitions: world-class games, world-class players playing world-class football with RFID positioning, fans waving RFID chip tickets. The application of RFID in this world cup also coincides with the current status of RFID Technology: RFID identification has gradually become a mature technology, and RFID positioning technology has yet to be honed

in June, the most important event in the RFID industry was the release of the white paper on China's radio frequency identification (RFID) technology policy (right click to save). The white paper is China's RFID technology and bridge concrete component fatigue testing machine, which is suitable for all kinds of large parts such as concrete structural parts to withstand the fatal test caused by severe inflation, steel rails and their welded joints, rail fastener assembly, bridges, trusses, car chassis Static tightening test and one-way dynamic pulsation fatigue test were carried out for automobile axle, locomotive bogie and spring; Equipped with special experimental devices, it can complete the fatigue load performance experiments of steel strands for prestressed concrete and anchorage connector clamps for prestressed tendons, and provide systematic guidance for the development of the industry in the next few years. The general idea put forward by the white paper for the development of China's RFID industry is: enterprises should be the main force, the government should promote it, build an industrial alliance, and form an RFID industrial chain that masters independent intellectual property technology; Through the construction of industrial bases, give play to group advantages and create national brands with international competitiveness; Carry out international exchanges and cooperation to improve the overall level of China's RFID industry. RFID industry base. In the future, China will encourage enterprises to invest and produce in the field of RFID, support enterprises to adopt RFID technology and products, and give support and preferences to RFID manufacturing and base construction through policies, regulations, economics, administration and other forms and means

The release of the white paper on RFID technology policy undoubtedly defines the development direction and adds a strong boost to the development of China's RFID industry. Since last year, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of information industry, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the national development and Reform Commission and other ministries and commissions have issued policies to include RFID in the national medium and long-term scientific and technological development plan, the national information system engineering and the electronic information industry development fund, The informatization means of hazardous chemical cylinder management and the industrialization of key industrial technologies in the information industry. At the local level, Beijing will trace the whole process of RFID electronic tags for Olympic food, and discuss the use of RFID in Olympic tickets. Under the leadership of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai will establish an RFID industry alliance to carry out RFID research and application in many aspects related to citizens' lives, and build a relatively complete RFID industry chain. Hong Kong and Guangdong and other provinces and cities jointly issued a special plan for regional informatization cooperation in the Pan Pearl River Delta to promote the application of RFID in the pilot application demonstration of automatic toll collection of highways and bridges, regional intelligent road traffic management, cross-border logistics labels and so on. Tianjin will focus on developing application software with RFID as the core during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. The introduction of a series of national and local policies will stimulate RFID enterprises to further attract capital injection from all aspects, attach importance to independent intellectual property research and development, and also provide reassurance for enterprise users who apply RFID in 2012 and a boost

in June, the RFID industry organization - China Association of automatic identification technology organized experts from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Jiaotong University, Shandong Institute of standardization, Shenzhen Yuanwang Valley and other units to gather together to discuss the academic education syllabus of automatic identification technology. With the expansion of the scale of the RFID industry, technical professionals have become one of the bottlenecks of the industry breakthrough, and various social training is mixed. To carry out automatic identification professional education and teaching in Colleges and universities to meet the call of the development of the times will gradually meet the needs of the RFID industry for talents and build talent security for the creation of RFID in China

in June, China Mobile, the largest communication operator in China, cooperated with Philips, Nokia, Xiamen Easy Connect card and other companies to launch NFC pilot. NFC technology, as the "kinship" of RFID technology, the intervention and promotion of mobile operators will not only make the traditional all-in-one card gradually move from the closed-loop use of a city and an industry to the open-loop application, but also have a greater significance for the RFID industry is to break through the application neck of the scarcity of RFID reading terminals and further catalyze the reduction of the overall application cost of RFID

at the end of 2005, RFID radio frequency express predicted that China's RFID industry would usher in a mature inflection point in the middle and late 2006 in the article "2005 China r if there were problems with parts FID year-end inventory - RFID on the road". With a good industrial environment, we are more convinced that China will appear in the "World Cup" of RFID in the future.

source: RFID world

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