RFID logistics research center will be established

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Hong Kong will set up an RFID Logistics Research Center

the wireless machine will be equipped with two injection molding units. Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) and its application have recently received widespread attention and become the latest bright spot in the international logistics industry. In order to comply with this general trend, the logistics industry in Hong Kong is also blowing the wind of "RFID". RFID has once again become the focus of discussion at the Forum on "building the future of logistics" held by the Hong Kong Productivity Council yesterday, but some industries are still rational and reserved about the benefits of this new technology

Huang Yongcheng, scientific adviser to the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission, revealed at the forum yesterday that the government is planning to establish a logistics research center focusing on RFID technology. He believes that although the relevant technology will certainly become more and more popular, it does not mean that the quality of the experimental machine is reliable, and it will not be able to complete the application of replacing bar codes in five to ten years

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